Sonny Sofrito

"Sonny Sofrito" began as a nickname to attract beautiful people to the newest style of party hosted by me. Soon, these events became the spiciest affairs of the week and what started as a marketing tactic, became a brand name in NYC.
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"Marisol has been coming to the show for the past 10 years trying to find the father to her 5 children. After 15 DNA Tests, Marisol has not given up her search, and neither has the show. Her 16th DNA test, coming up after the break."

I wrote that word for word as they went to commercial because I couldn’t believe it myself. WOW!!! Que Sucia! Yes, I do feel myself getting dumber, but this shit is addicting. #guiltypleasure #dyingbraincells (at The “Ali Aguacate” Cave)